Founded by Maÿlis Vauterin and Delphine Clot in January 2022, Matriochkas is a books & films creative bureau.

Maÿlis and Delphine have combined their expertise from the book and film industries to enable great stories to be successfully shared, amplified and turned into films & TV series primarily but also other formats too including plays and podcasts.

Matriochkas offers to accompany every step of the book to film process, from identifying IPs with particular adaptability potential to promoting them as well as negotiating the option contracts and seeing them through until the film release. A complete package!

Matriochkas is therefore tailor-made. Depending on the client’s needs, it can represent the film rights in a selection of books, an imprint, a specific title or author or a full list. Whatever the requirement, Matriochkas will always work closely with authors, agents and publishers.

In addition, Matriochkas can also carry out specific searches for producers, directors or actors, helping them spot and source the relevant book material for their next feature film or series.

Our aim is to support all the stakeholders in the book-to-film chain, helping to build more links between the two industries by making sure that there is a full understanding from all sides of the artistic and financial basis for progressing a project whilst always working in the interest of all parties.

Maÿlis Vauterin has considerable experience in the publishing world. After a role at the French Embassy in London, Vauterin subsequently sold film/TV and translation rights for publishers Editions Grasset and Viviane Hamy in Paris. For the past five years, Vauterin ran the Rights Department at Editions Stock, where she handled and negotiated numerous French and international film adaptations, including ‘La Syndicaliste’ by Caroline Michel (Jean-Paul Salomé as a director – Le Bureau Production), ‘Suddenly’ by Isabelle Autissier (directed by Thomas Bidegain – Trésor Productions), ‘Carlos Ghosn, the fugitive’ by Yann Rousseau and Régis Arnaud (directed by Frédéric Jardin – Fédération Entertainment) and ‘Human Voice’ by Jean Cocteau (directed by Pedro Almodóvar).

Delphine Clot has worked in the film industry for over 20-years. Starting as VP Business Affairs & General Counsel for MK2 Group in Paris, Clot then worked for the international film sales agent, Celluloid Dreams. She left to join the French artist agency UBBA, where she advised A-list talent including scriptwriters, directors and actors. Clot has worked on packaging talents and producers on book adaptation projects. She also co-founded a production company called Esprits Frappeurs. Throughout her career, she has continuously and passionately supported story-tellers of the film and book industries.